How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Balcony

Grow Colorful Flowers Focus on colorful blooms to highlight your premium offerings. A sunny terrace is ideal for geraniums. Their massive bloom clusters attract humans and hummingbirds from afar.

As geraniums are low in nectar, add a pot or rail box with nectar-rich nasturtiums (long-blooming and easy to start from seed), New Guinea impatiens, or other hummingbird-friendly flowers to keep them there.

Use Fake Blooms Your thumb may not be greenest. Fear not—you can always pretend! Wrap a red-flowered garland along the rail, put sprays of fake geraniums in a bistro table vase, or fill a railing window box with the brightest red and orange artificial flowers.

Fake blossoms attract birds, but once they figure it out, they leave. Ensure a satisfying reward. To attract hungry birds with artificial flowers, put little nectar feeders on wire stems to flowerpots and keep your full-size feeder full of sugar water visible.  

Add Perches Finally, add perches to maximize your high-rise hummingbird sanctuary. Tiny birds rest up to 80% of the time. They like a high perch with a clear view,  

so straighten a wire coat hanger (the perfect diameter for little feet), twist one end onto the railing, and bend the top horizontally to create a lookout. Even high-rise hummingbirds rest longer between feedings when they have a nice spot.