Glass Jar Homemade Hummingbird Feeder

Materials: Shallow jar with lid Polymer clay (including red) Flower-shaped cookie cutters

16-gauge galvanized wire Drill Needle-nose pliers Rolling pin Glass beads

Here are the step-by-step instructions: 1. Clean the jar well. I used a baby food jar, but you can repurpose any kitchen item. Shallow jars are simplest to fill and clean.

Use a rolling pin to flatten the clay in step 2. Three hues are my preference. Press the top of the jar lid into the base color of your flower to remove air pockets. Trim extra clay and smooth lid sides.

Step 3: Design the flower on top of the base using additional clay colors. Enjoy experimenting with colors and shapes. You can use cookie cutters or freestyle. Remember that hummingbirds like red, so include it in your palette.

Step 4: Experiment with layers after cutting out clay. This makes the blossom look lifelike, attracting hummingbirds. Press clay layers onto the lid base gently. You want the clay layers to merge when baked, but pushing too hard can smudge your pattern.

Step 5 Bake according to clay instructions. Bake at 275° for 15 minutes to estimate.  After cooling, drill a small hole in the clay flower's top. This lets hummingbirds drink nectar.

Step 6 Cut 32 inches of wire, fold it half, and leave a loop at the top. Wrap each wire end in a bigger loop, then twist eight times. Try different loop shapes until you find one you like.

Wrap each wire end around the jar and twist three times to make a tight feeder loop. Leave 1/4 in. for a loop to add beads after trimming the wire.